What The Law Says:

COSHH 2002 requires that a suitable and sufficient assessment of all work must be undertaken, where it is liable to expose employees or other persons to substances which are hazardous to health. These include harmful microorganisms. As such, the operator of a swimming pool has a legal obligation to undertake an assessment regarding exposure to possible harmful micro-organisms. Operators must ensure that such exposure is either prevented or, where this is not reasonably practicable to do, it is adequately controlled.

What do you need to do?

Along with COSHH 2002, HSG 179 “Management of Health and Safety in Swimming Pools” and PAS 39:2003 State that monthly microbiological tests need carried out on pool water.  Below is a list of the best practice methods of ensuring you complete this task within the necessary guidelines.

  • Ensure each pool/spa/feature is tested monthly in accordance with the necessary guidelines and procedures
  • Ensure each pool sample sample is tested in a UKAS Approved Lab
  • The sample must be taken correctly by a trained and competent person independent to the facility
  • Ensure the correct sterilised bottle is used
  • A chemical test (pH, free chlorine and total chlorine) should be carried out and recorded at the time and place where the microbiological sample is taken – this will also allow the customer to validate the sample results
  • Ensure the sample is taken to the lab in a cool box or bag with a temperature maintained at 4C
  • The sample should reach the lab preferably within 4 hours
  • Ensure the results are recorded and acted upon
  • Organise a re-test if the results are not within the necessary parameters
  • Close the pool and contact the necessary authorities if gross contamination has occurred.


Helping you comply within the Law:

Pioneering pool solutions can help you comply with the necessary guidelines by offering a comprehensive water sampling service as stated below.

  • All samples will be analysed at a UKAS approved Lab
  • Samples will be collected by an experienced and trained professional 
  • A chemical analysis will be carried out on site using an appropriate photometer carrying a current certificate of calibration
  • Samples will be taken to the lab in a cool box maintaining the correct temperature.
  • We aim to ensure the samples are at the lab within 4 hours
  • A full certificate of analysis will be emailed as soon as the lab analysis is complete
  • Contact will be made via a phone call at the earliest opportunity should results require immediate action
  • Interpretation and advice can be provided with test results that do not comply with the necessary guidelines

Pioneering pool solutions aim to work with their clients to help them maintain best practice with an emphasis on prevention as opposed to cure.  If necessary site visits and training can be provided to help clients improve standards and procedures.